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The DoverPro computer based statistical expert predictions have been over 73% accurate over the last twelve years, with our top selections currently at 68% using our unique probabilty unit confidence rank. We have NEVER had a losing season!
This system produces winning picks!
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Computer Prediction Statistical Winning Probability
Here is how the NFL football prediction selection system works. First we develop our initial team selections using a computerized database, the NFL and NCAA Power Rankings, and a statistical software computer analysis program that has been developed over the last 14 seasons. This produces a remarkably accurate final game score projection spreadsheet called the NFL Outlaw Line and includes a percentage probablity rank for each game which is posted as the:
NFL Outlaw Line (Sample)

Consensus Surveys of Expert Handicappers
Next, we use a specialized online data mining technique to survey public and private expert handicappers services and add those consensus selections to spreadsheet. Only the most accurate football handicappers qualify, selected based on the accuracy of their prior and ongoing season records Straight Up Moneyline, Against Spread, and Over Under Points Totals. To see some of the sites we survey and select for their football selections, click here: Football Handicappers

Expert and Insider Football Sources
And lastly, we finish the NFL game analysis spreadsheet with the selection predictions from certain highly accurate special private expert sources and insiders that we cannot reveal. Once this is done, the final picks are highlighted on the spreadsheet and our unique unit confidence factor is applied to the top Hot Picks.
Sample Prediction Spreadsheet

Your Free Ticket to a Winning Football Season!
To prove the system does provide winning results, we focus on the top three games, our top Hot Picks, each week and track the results through the season and the playoffs, Superbowl and College bowl games. Confidence units are assigned to the top rated picks based on the probability factor of the prediction. Each week we publish the NFL spreadsheet plus or minus unit picks results on the site.

The only goal of this system is to WIN!

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The DoverPro has published the Top Football Hot Picks winning recommended NFL NCAA football prediction selections absolutely free without restriction* to all football fans for over twelve straight winning seasons.

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